if you love the experience of reading a real book and dream of visiting the city of light, this stylish book mark featuring the Paris, Eiffel tower with a memorable quote "A Good Book Is A Wonderful Journey" is the perfect way to mark your place, so...

$2.84 as at 19:07 UTC. (Details)

Yes, it's near impossible to resist the magical, romantic charm of Paris with her incredible history of royalty when kings and a fashionista Queen named Marie Antoinette reigned supreme in a chateau filled with exquisite baroque furnishings, leaving...

$35.99 as at 11:50 UTC. (Details)

Anyone who loves cats and the magical city of Paris will have hours of fun and relaxation coloring in the pages of this special book, where all types of cats go wandering around the city of light offering a glimpse of the magnificent Sacre Coeur...

$5.69 as at 01:15 UTC. (Details)

Perfect, paper napkins for a Paris themed ladies night, bridal, baby shower, birthday, breakfast at Tiffany's party, in pretty pink/white, with the classic Audrey Hepburn quote "Paris Is Always A Good Idea," reminding us that this fabulous city is...

$4.00 as at 00:31 UTC. (Details)

With a beautiful vintage, Paris themed print, fans of this magical city will love this pretty, pastel colored backpack ideal for school or day trips with padded adjustable straps that make it super comfy to carry! Tons Of Storage Space! Overall...

$29.90 as at 07:36 UTC. (Details)

Simply beautiful wedding, birthday, anniversary gift for the friend, family member who appreciate the finer things in life and have a soft spot for Paris, a European city defined by it's magical monuments and world famous haute couture! Chic,...

$9.99 as at 14:38 UTC. (Details)

If you need delicious treats to fill favor, gift bags at a Paris inspired wedding, kids birthday these perfectly pink, individually wrapped Paris cremes with Eiffel tower, Fleur de lis. royal crowns imagery will be just the thing to add interest to...

$12.43 as at 07:36 UTC. (Details)

This set of (4) pencil, pen bag makes a great gift idea for a Paris inspired party, where you could fill each pouch with makeup, stationary, jewelry, or anything you like to surprise and delight guests at a birthday, bridal shower or special...

$8.99 as at 14:23 UTC. (Details)

Walking in the rain will take on a whole new meaning when you are sheltered by this amazing umbrella, featuring captivating imagery of the Eiffel Tower and medieval Notre Dame cathedral at night, showing why Paris is truly the city of...

$25.00 as at 07:16 UTC. (Details)

Jewelry can be fun, elegant, or fabulously unique like this white/silver, leather and meta infinity charm bracelet, featuring the Paris Eiffel Tower, love heart and the word love or as the French say amour, to describe this magical emotion! Paris...

$0.01 as at 17:01 UTC. (Details)

Here is a top gift for your favorite Paris fan who loves the color pink and the Eiffel Tower, a unique metal monument designed over a century ago by Gustave Eiffel upon winning a competition to build an entrance for the 1889 Exposition Universelle,...

$15.95 as at 19:13 UTC. (Details)

How would you like a forever piece of jewelry featuring the amazing Paris, Eiffel tower, in 10K white gold embellished beautifully, with sparkling natural diamonds? Elegant Eiffel Tower Diamond Pendant! For many fans of this fascinating European...

$478.00 as at 17:01 UTC. (Details)

Whether you are planning a dream tour of Europe, where you will see the Paris, Eiffel Tower in France, Leaning Tower of Pisa and infamous Colosseum in Italy, or looking for a set of stylish shoulder bags to take to work, school, shopping or...

$38.51 as at 19:13 UTC. (Details)

How perfect is to find a kitchen, dish towel with a charming Paris cafe theme actually imported from France, so the look is Paris, picture perfect with the Eiffel tower monument, everyone is talking about enhancing a delightfully detailed Paris cafe...

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This beautifully designed 18K Goid Plated Eiffel tower pendant with chain, could be the perfect gift for your bridesmaids if the wedding of your dreams features a romantic, Paris theme!  Designer Fashion Jewelry For the Paris, Eiffel Tower...

$14.99 as at 21:24 UTC. (Details)

What better gift for a Paris fan than wall art they can see everyday, reminding them why, they love this city and the mighty Eiffel tower! The Pont d'Lena bridge, inspired by Napoleon Bonaparte, the first Emperor of France, who wanted a bridge...

$19.99 as at 07:46 UTC. (Details)

Lovely vintage, Paris themed wall clock with a chic, shabby cottage appeal featuring beautiful glimpses of Paris monuments, with the world famous Eiffel tower center-stage, in neutral colors with an adorable black satin ribbon and bow. This...

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The first thing you notice about this 3-piece lunch bag set is the amazing design, featuring clever illustrations of the Paris Eiffel Tower built in 1889 for a Paris world fair, Arc de Triomphe a  magical monument, originally dedicated to Napoleons...

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With the romantic ambiance of Paris and it's magical Eiffel tower featured on this beautifully illustrated gift box filled with eighteen, individually wrapped, taste-tempting raspberry, chocolate fudge, blueberry, mint or pistachios, banana  and...

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What a wonderful way for kids to learn and be inspired by the magical presence of Paris, a European city in France where a 2000 year history has stamped a unique, cultural ambiance of captivating monuments, haute couture, arts and joie de...

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With the holiday season fast approaching many of us dream of a relaxing visit to a spa, making this beautiful spa basket filled with pampering moisturizing, cleansing delights, the perfect luxury gift choice, for work associates, friends or loved...

$25.99 as at 11:50 UTC. (Details)
Eiffel Tower Macaron Key Ring

The luxury bakery bearing the name Laduree, originated in Paris some 150 years ago and is renowned for it's double-decker macarons, a Parisian "melt in the mouth" delicacy that is taking the word by storm with the macarons craze popping up...

$40.98 as at 19:13 UTC. (Details)

Lets go retro with a colorful,  Paris, Eiffel Tower designed lunch bag, fully insulated to keep your food chilled and super fresh for work, school or a romantic picnic in the park! Paris Eiffel Tower, Insulated Lunchbag If the city of Paris is...

$7.19 as at 19:13 UTC. (Details)

if you have ever witnessed the glittering, golden, Eiffel Tower light show in Paris as night begins to fall you'll be excited to see this quality Christmas tree ornament, designed with detail to emulate the tower that has been an endearing part of...

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If you love Paris this has to be a forever Christmas tree ornament, you can bring out every year and smile as you remember a romantic vacation in the city of light, or make plans to follow that magical dream! Paris, Eiffel Tower, Metro, Christmas...

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This Christmas, light up up your tree with the iconic Eiffel Tower, adding Parisian charm to your festive decorations! These battery-operated, set of ten, (warm-white) string of LED lights can be used again throughout the year, to highlight a...

$19.95 as at 00:08 UTC. (Details)

Paris is renowned for it's ancient monuments, especially the Eiffel tower but this city of breathtaking palaces once occupied by French royalty has another symbol of hope called the Fleur de lis, a beautiful centuries old motif embraced by French...

$2.06 as at 17:43 UTC. (Details)

Looking for great gift ideas to surprise a star-struck Paris fan? This beautiful 3D Eiffel tower, sterling siilver (925) pendant, measuring approx an inch in height, is the perfect choice, with a highly fashionable, authentic look plus an 18"...

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Thinking of re-doing your teens, kids bedroom with their favorite Paris theme? This pretty, pink, colorful bedding set, ideal for girls who love everything about Paris, features a Twin size comforter with matching sham, plus a fitted sheet, flat...

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Anyone entering a bedroom with one of these elegant signs will know immediately the occupant is a huge Paris fan! Beautifully personalized  with a stylish black and white damask surround. this glamorous Paris door plaque featuring a magical...

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Imagine your child waking up on the morning of their birthday, holidays to see this adorable Teepee play tent with the most magical Paris themed imagery, including the Eiffel Tower, French Poodles, chandeliers, plus a classic, quaint  Parisian cafe...

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Super versatile, light-weight, draw-string  backpack with a decent amount of room for gym gear, school stuff and interior zippered pocket to hold your smartphone, keys and smaller items. Top Backpack for Paris Fans! What sets this stylish...

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if you are wondering what to gift a young Paris fan, this beautifully hand-made, personalized wall decal featuring the Paris, Eiffel Tower and the recipients name in the colors of your choice, is one to be considered. The decal has a matte...

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The adorable Paris themed imagery on this wallet and coin purse set is just right for the Paris fan who can immediately see the iconic Eiffel Tower, Louvre museum (glass pyramid entrance), Arc de Triomphe commissioned by Napoleon Bonaparte, plus the...

$16.99 as at 17:43 UTC. (Details)

Such a beautiful piece of jewelry like this reminds us how romantic a city like Paris really, is with a fairy-tale past of French royals who lived a privileged life in the Versailles Palace, with lavish apartments and ornate manicured gardens. Later...

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An elegant Paris theme is a beautiful way to decorate a bathroom where you can present the family, guests with designer accessories like this deluxe hand soap dispenser, illustrated so artistically with Parisian "moments in time" including the...

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Looking for that Paris gift with a difference? Then this gorgeous black and white piggy band decorated beautifully with a classic, black French beret, moustache and iconic Parisian quote "Paris Is Always A Good Idea," highlighted by an artistic...

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Fun and functional set of two storages boxes with a wonderful travel through Paris print featuring the Eiffel Tower, an exceptional wrought-iron monument that wasn't always the pride of France, as in it's early days of construction many key Parisian...

$17.99 as at 18:51 UTC. (Details)

European cities are steeped in history with the most spectacular architecture featured here on this set of three stylish wooden art-work pieces, with the first displaying the Paris, Eiffel Tower a unique, popular wrought-iron monument built by...

$12.95 as at 19:13 UTC. (Details)

How would a friend, associate or family member like to iron with a beautiful ironing board cover featuring the Paris Eiffel Tower and a classic red, French citroen car? What a magical gift this would make for the Paris fan who will love this...

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The Eiffel Tower or la dame de fer as she is affectonately referred to by her Parisian neighbors, has become somewhat of a celebrity in her own land and throughout the world where fans of all ages, flock to see this tall lattice tower that lives in...

$11.99 as at 20:21 UTC. (Details)

Clip this pretty pink, bling packed Eiffel Tower key ring onto your purse and show the world how much you love Paris, the city where fashion is always a statement on the runway at it's infamous seasonal shows, where the latest offerings  from...

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In the most gorgeous shade of fuchsia pink and ideal for gifting to the Paris fan who loves both the girly color and symbol of Paris, the Eiffel Tower a unique metal marvel that stands very tall in the city of light attracting curious tourists from...

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if you have seen the Eiffel Tower up close you will know it leaves a lasting impression of a metal monument that has an incredible history dating back to 1889 when it was built by Gustave Eiffel for a Paris world fair. The Eiffel Tower is a...

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 Eiffel Décorations Tour You may be very pleased to find these stylish gold/black metallic Eiffel Tower whirls to decorate your party venue in a chic Paris theme, as having them professionally packaged and ready to go takes the work out of having...

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Just think of the many ways you can make your Paris themed wedding, bridal shower, birthday party or event pop with this shiny, metalic confetti featuring  gorgeous gold and black Eiffel Towers with pretty silver stars! Paris Themed Confetti Get...

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Looking for fun and fabulous items to make your Paris theme birthday, ladies night, bridal shower a huge hit? You could start by adding this set of (24) pink Paris, Eiffel Tower drinking straws to the party ideas list, knowing your guests will love...

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Hosting the Paris themed wedding, part of the year and looking for the perfect treat bags to honor your guests with little gifts as a souvenir, thank you for sharing your celebratory event? This set of (24) Eiffel Tower treat bags featuring the...

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If you're flights are booked for a once in a lifetime trip to the magic city of light you won't want to miss the early morning wake up call, so investing in this extra loud, retro style alarm clock featuring a beautiful vintage image of the Paris,...

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Stroll past a patisserie in Paris and your eyes will be met with the most beautiful array of colorful macarons, the quintessential French cookie in the window display, designed to tempt your tastebuds, leaving you always wanting for more.. Parisians...

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The invitation has arrived in the post for a friend, family members bridal shower, so you are searching high and low for a gift that reflects the mom to be's love affair with the city of Paris. Look no further if it's for a baby girl, as this set of...

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En Argent Sterling Charme de La Tour Eiffel Pandora weaves it's jewelry magic with a beautiful Eiffel Tower charm made of quality sterling silver for the fan of this architectural wonder who makes it's monumental home in the magical city of Paris,...

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The Eiffel Tower is an architectural gem that sparkles like a diamond at night and perfectly paired with a glamorous, pink Swarvoski crystal renowned for it's brilliant silvery shine and visual uniqueness! Eiffel Tower Elegance! This beautiful...

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A Paris themed party is always an exciting, enchanting event with the charasmatic city of light taking center stage at a birthday, bridal shower, sweet sixteen or special event where the beautiful city of Paris waves her magical wand on a fabulous...

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Any party theme can be a huge sucess if you pick the right gifts for the guests goody bags, so if you are a about to host a kids Paris themed birthday party, one of these pink, pencils with beautiful Eiffel Tower imagery will be a huge hit with...

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Paris party themes are fun and highly fashionable with the city that is the talk of the town adding it's elegant charm to a romantic Paris themed wedding, teens birthday, baby shower or ladies night out! Tres Chic Paris! Yes it's true, Paris has a...

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Highly decorative with an outstanding Paris, Eiffel tower design, you can imagine there will be smiles all round when you gift this beautiful vintage themed ottoman to a "I Love" Paris fan! Charming, Colorful Design.. The look is beautiful with...

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The Eiffel Tower with it's slim-line pyramid shape has easily become one of the most recognizable landmarks on earth and all because a Parisian engineer, back in the 1700's realized the worth of building bridges and tall structures with wrought-iron...

$27.99 as at 01:42 UTC. (Details)

The Eiffel Tower, Pont Neuf bridge, beautiful French Script writing and charming post-marks feature so elegantly on this artistically designed bedding set, that has all the flair and chic style, one would hope to find when searching for quality...

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Already gift-boxed and ready to present to excited guests at your Paris themed wedding, birthday, bridal shower or anniversary party, this gorgeous rendition of the Eiffel Tower that draws millions of curious visitors to Paris so they can be...

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