Creating a Paris theme in your living room is likely to include decorative pillows that exude the enchantment of this ethereal city. One inexpensive way to makeover your sofa and chairs is with cushion covers that can utilize the pillow inners...

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A memorable Paris themed party or wedding reception requires decorations to create a feeling reminiscent of this timeless French matriarch. Balloons, streamers, and Eiffel tower statues inspire its magnificence while a massive backdrop of the...

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Paris themed pillow cover

If you're living room color pallete is a mix of brown and beige this Paris themed cushion cover could be a sparkling addition. The design is instantly appealing with the Eiffel Tower and French script offering a pleasing accent and you could...

Paris themed stemless glasses

Lots of folks in love fly off to Paris and get wed then return to celebrate with friends and family. If the happy couple are besotted with the city of light why not add to a perfect memory with a gift of stemless wine glasses showcasing their...

Paris themed laundry basket

Why not own a laundry basket that makes you smile and fits with your crush on Paris a quaint city drenched in marvelous monuments. The design element is fun and speaks to the evolving fashionista who may already know at a young age that Paris is...

Pink, black and white Paris themed bedding set for girls

Kids are still members of a fan club that thinks Paris is a dream place to live or visit. Easy to see why with over 2000 years of regal/revolution history and monuments from every era. The capital city of France is a romantic space with...