Eclectic Eiffel Tower Red Umbrellas Artwork

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Paris themed wall decor is sure to be a conversation starter as the city of light has a romantic appeal, with its ancient monuments and fashionable, French citizens. This black and white with red umbrellas scene is the perfect visual for a Paris themed room, or a setting stylized in this popular color design. If you want timeless wall decor this could be the ideal art-work for your home or office. The infamous Eiffel Tower is featured along with Haussmann  inspired buildings renowned for there classic architecture. Under the rule of Napoleon Bonaparte, Paris was restructured and Georges-Eugene Haussmann was hired to make Paris the most beautiful city in Europe.

Eiffel Tower – Party Backdrop For Paris Theme Events

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 It’s Party Time In Paris!

Les jardins du Trocadero, is one of the best places to see the Eiffel tower light up in a display of glittering gold as night falls over the magical city of Paris. An enlarged photo of this spectacular scene is  the perfect backdrop for a Paris party theme. Whether you’re hosting a Paris inspired baby/bridal shower, birthday, kids birthday party, photo-shoot for prom night or celebratory event, this life-like, Eiffel tower backdrop will set the mood for a fun time in the city of light.

You can stand this visual feature up using a photo booth stand or apply removable stickers so you can attach it to a wall.

Magical Paris Monuments – Pink Blossoms Artwork

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Springtime in Paris is a visual delight, as pink cherry blossoms put on a spectacular floral show near historic monuments. The Eiffel tower, Arc de Triomphe and Notre Dame cathedral are featured as black and white photography on three canvas panels, you can easily hang on a wall

Paris is truly blessed with a collage of timeless monuments that reflect what was happening in this elegant city at the time of construction. The Eiffel tower was to be a top exhibition for the 1889 world fair in Paris, while the Arc de Triomphe was intended as an archway for Napoleon and his army to ride through, after a battle victory.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder when it comes to choosing art for your home. This Paris wall decor featuring three canvas prints will appeal to Paris fans or folks who been to the city of light.

Romantic Paris London – Set Of 4 Cushions Covers

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Romantic scenes of a couple on their travels through Paris, viewing the Eiffel tower then taking in the grandeur of Big Ben from across the river Thames in London adds a joyful Paris decor theme to your home.

In red, black and white, always a popular decor color scheme, these 4 pillow covers will add a European flavor to your inner sanctuary. Generally cushion covers come in a standard 18″ square allowing you to use the inserts of the throw pillows already in use. This is why cushion covers are an affordable way to update your decor theme. Material can be easy to wash polyester or cotton. Paris themed throw pillows are an ideal gift for the couple about to get married in Paris or with an elegant Paris decor theme.