Amazing – Black Eiffel Tower Statue, Decor Gift

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The Eiffel Tower is a popular icon and honored citizen of Paris, France where people from all over come to see and explore this unique monument.

Statues made in the likeness of la tour Eiffel are not only great gifts but a souvenir to treasure. You are likely to see statues in black, gold, white or pink featured in the homes of Paris fans.

In general these statues look very much like the original, which is also made of metal and can be embellished with rhinestones for a sparkling effect. Eiffel tower statues are often used on reception tables at a chic, Paris themed wedding or on top of the wedding cake. Eiffel tower decor transforms parties, rooms into a touch of Paris and is a beautiful reminder of a romantic visit to the city of light where the magic of amour brings couples from everywhere, to get wed in this starry French capitol.