Bargain, Paris Themed Bedding Set!

Pink, black and white Paris themed bedding set for girls

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Kids are still members of a fan club that thinks Paris is a dream place to live or visit. Easy to see why with over 2000 years of regal/revolution history and monuments from every era.

The capital city of France is a romantic space with cobblestone streets, trendy cafes and street lights right out of the 19th century. Children enjoy making their bedroom a sanctuary with all the things they hold dear and if that’s Paris this black and white, (Twin) Paris themed bedspread with subtle pops of pink might be the best thing they’ve ever seen.

The Eiffel tower, bicycles, poodles, and sunglasses design is a lot of fun and simply perfect for the girl whose future plans involve checking out the tall tower that has everyone talking or strolling through the grandiose gardens of Chateau de Versailles.

The European landscape is one of timeless relics and buildings with ornate facades and inspired architectural composition. You have the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy, Big Ben in London and the Eiffel Tower threatening to take the eighth wonder of the world title. Europe has seen a ton of royal rule and folks with the money and ambition to build breathtaking structures to honor status or creativity.

Take the Eiffel Tower in Paris a strange looking metal monument that was a fight for Gustave Eiffel to complete. He had folks in Paris up in arms when the first level of the tower was in place. It was originally designed for a world fair and the committee that was organizing this event did not want to risk paying for the entire tower so its creator came up with the number of Francs needed to get the job done. He so believed La Tour Eiffel would be a triumph for Paris he paid the cash and gave the world an unforgettable icon.

Kids might enjoy the story behind the Eiffel Tower and how it was destined to stand for no more than twenty years. Once again Gustave Eiffel saved the day and declared his tower to be of value as a laboratory in his private apartment that played host many times to the great minds of science The antennae on top of the tower may have been its eternal saving grace when it helped send messages to the troops on the frontline during the world wars.

This good looking bedspread plus a pillowcase measures 65″ x 85″ and brings the opportunity to purchase a matching valance, curtains, and sheet set. If you prefer a (Full) size that is available with a coordinating sheet set also sold separately.

With so many bedding choices to view reviews can be a way to gauge the quality and durability of a product you may find of interest. This black and white Paris bedding set is offered at a budget price with a range of reviews to help your decision.

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