Can’t Find A Laundry Basket To Gift A Paris Fan?

Paris themed laundry basket

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Why not own a laundry basket that makes you smile and fits with your crush on Paris a quaint city drenched in marvelous monuments.

The design element is fun and speaks to the evolving fashionista who may already know at a young age that Paris is nicknamed the fashion capital. The basket measurements 15.7″ x 19.7″ and is a mix of linen/canvas generally fairly tough materials. It can be folded flat when not in use but if you are a fan of Paris, France it’s likely you’ll want it on show.

Paris themed gifts like this are a nice offering for one of the kids who’s in orbit over the city of light filling her bedroom with pictures of the Eiffel tower and anything related to Paris, a scenic panorama of European history from the 3rd century till now.

The French capital is a seascape of islands with bridges offering access across the River Seine a fabulous viewpoint by boat for some of the more famous monuments including the ancient, Notre Dame Cathedral that sits eloquently on lle de la Cite an island where Paris originated and was known as Lutetia.

The Eiffel tower makes an appearance on this image-packed laundry basket that arrives in a flat packaging that may cause wrinkling so stand it awhile or use a hair dryer to iron out the creases. Nothing else to do as the basket arrives ready for use and is probably sufficient for small amounts of washing from the kid’s room or bathroom.

The city of love holds a special place in the hearts of youngsters who think Paris is a far away place where the magic happens and the Eiffel tower is a very important monument. Bedrooms become shrines to a romantic, escapist realm and Paris themed accessories like this laundry basket are treasured for their Parisian look.

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