Here's a fun, educational and challenging gift for kids.... who want to know how the Paris, Eiffel tower was built. With this 3D wooden puzzle they'll learn new skills and coordination as they navigate each piece of the puzzle and create a...

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It's not always an easy task to find that special gift you hope will be the perfect choice for a fan of Paris, France but looking at this handcrafted, be-jeweled Eiffel tower ceiling fan/light pull chain, I would say it's unanimous--you've found...

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Kids, teens are falling under the spell of a European city called Paris where amazing monuments, some thousands of years old stand as a tribute to an incredible history involving French royals, who lived in a beautiful Chateau, palace and...

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Why not give the the gift of art to a Paris fan who will be thrilled with this set of (3) black and white photo shots, of a rainy day in Paris with red umbrellas, a classic French car and the awesome Eiffel Tower, pride of France and most visited...

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These adorable 3D Eiffel tower key chains, in a stylish a mix of gold, silver and bronze are ideal for filling the favor bags at a snazzy Paris themed birthday, wedding or baby shower, so the guests can take home a souvenir of Paris and the monument...

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Need simple, elegant vases that emulate the Eiffel Tower for your Paris theme birthday, wedding reception tables? Perfect Paris, Theme Wedding Reception Centerpiece! Look no more as this set of (12) clear, slim-line vases in the shape of the...

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If you've ever seen the remarkable sight of the Eiffel Tower light show at night after dusk in Paris, this fun replica will be a marvelous gift to yourself, or someone at work or in the family who has shared this sparkling vision of a unique...

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if you love the experience of reading a real book and dream of visiting the city of light, this stylish book mark featuring the Paris, Eiffel tower with a memorable quote "A Good Book Is A Wonderful Journey" is the perfect way to mark your place, so...

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Here is a top gift for your favorite Paris fan who loves the color pink and the Eiffel Tower, a unique metal monument designed over a century ago by Gustave Eiffel upon winning a competition to build an entrance for the 1889 Exposition Universelle,...

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