Quality Paris Monuments Salt & Pepper Set

Beautiful, black and white salt and pepper set for gifting to fans of Paris and her exquisite monuments including the Arc de Triomphe inspired by Napoleon Bonaparte and the Roman Arch of Titus as a patriotic memorial for all who fought in the...

$19.95 as at 18:14 UTC. (Details)

The name Limoges is synonymous with ornate, painted enamels, highly valued by collectors as top-quality porcelain created since the late 18th century in the city of Limoges, France. Originally designed to hold snuff, jewelry/trinkets Limoges boxes...

$195.00 as at 16:07 UTC. (Details)
Paris, Eiffel Tower 24K Gold Plated, Crystals Collectible

Gifts are a wonderful way to say happy birthday, I love you, thank you or at this magical time of year "Happy Holidays" and if the recipient is mad about Paris, a charming city in Europe where monuments from centuries past, dot the landscape and the...

$28.00 as at 23:58 UTC. (Details)
Romantic Eiffel Tower Car Bumper Sticker

Fans of the city where life moves to it's own stylish groove in an ethereal setting of fashion and historic monuments are likely to be attracted to this fun, decal of the Paris, Eiffel Tower with pink love hearts----so perfect as a car bumper...

$4.95 as at 09:03 UTC. (Details)
Compact Paris Themed Jewelry Box

A Paris themed jewelry box with an Eiffel Tower applique has to be a top gift for the modern girl on the move, who loves her jewelry and wants to take it with her as she jets off to Paris, the leading fashion capital of the world for a romantic...

$9.95 as at 15:55 UTC. (Details)
Collectible Eiffel Tower Barbie Doll

The iconic Barbie doll has been a part of girls lives since 1959 so it seems fitting that she take on the world's most favorite monument, modelling a beautiful, black and white evening dress---showcasing a stunning Eiffel Tower, French script...

$143.45 as at 23:58 UTC. (Details)