It's not always an easy task to find that special gift you hope will be the perfect choice for a fan of Paris, France but looking at this handcrafted, be-jeweled Eiffel tower ceiling fan/light pull chain, I would say it's unanimous--you've found...

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Stacked boxes in your favorite Paris theme are a great display choice, providing ample storage for jewelry, makeup, scarves, stationary in any part of the home as four of the beautifully decorative boxes feature a vintage theme Eiffel tower,...

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This superbly illustrated set of (2) Paris themed cushion covers, will be a beautiful addition to your sofa capturing the fairy-tale feeling of this romantic city with a picturesque tribute to the Arc de Triomphe, a Roman style triumphal arch...

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if you've just got back from a dream vacation in Paris or are marking time till you can see the amazing sights, like the Notre Dame cathedral, Louvre museum and experience the exhilarating ambiance of a city that offers so much with fabulous...

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A Paris themed ottoman makes an exciting and practical gift for the fan of this amazing city where the Eiffel Tower lives and attracts millions of tourists to see this unique pyramid shaped structure built more than a hundred years ago, by a...

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Fun and functional set of two storages boxes with a wonderful travel through Paris print featuring the Eiffel Tower, an exceptional wrought-iron monument that wasn't always the pride of France, as in it's early days of construction many key Parisian...

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How would a friend, associate or family member like to iron with a beautiful ironing board cover featuring the Paris Eiffel Tower and a classic red, French citroen car? What a magical gift this would make for the Paris fan who will love this...

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Highly decorative with an outstanding Paris, Eiffel tower design, you can imagine there will be smiles all round when you gift this beautiful vintage themed ottoman to a "I Love" Paris fan! Charming, Colorful Design.. The look is beautiful with...

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in the infamous movie "Breakfast at Tiffany's," actress Audrey Hepburn was heard to say that Paris is always a good idea and since then her inspiring words have been echoed by so many who agree wholeheartedly with this positive sentiment.. Bring...

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