Kids Eiffel Tower, Big Ben Full/Queen Cotton Duvet Cover Set In Pink, Black And White

Eiffel tower, Big Ben Kids Full/Queen Duvet Cover Set

Kids know what they like and how they want their bedroom to look, can remember horses all over my walls but now the fun craze of the day seems to be a particular city in Europe that buzzes with history, monuments and an elegance only Paris can deliver!

Cute Paris, London themed Bedding For Girls!

With bedding sets offering the perfect way for kids to indulge their latest fad, why not grant their wish with a cute, Full/Queen Duvet Cover set in black and white featuring a really cool, sketch map with the world famous, Eiffel tower, Big Ben in London and the Colosseum ruins. The duvet cover has no insert, measures 90″ x 90″ with two pillowcases (20″ x 26″). On the duvet reverse is a funky, black and white cactus motif set against a soft pink background, for a completely different look!

Low-Cost, Quality Paris Bedding

Fabric is 100% cotton for moms who only want their kids to sleep on this breathable, absorbent, natural material so easy to machine wash in cold water/tumble dry on low. Quality is good and priced affordably for growing kids, teens who have noticed how interesting European cities like Paris and London are, offering a glimpse of antiquity and a unique culture that originally had royal Kings and Queens. In the United Kingdom they still do and there’s always a big turnout when Queen Elizabeth comes out of her palace in London to perform royal duties.

When kids have a crush on a city like Paris, London they get to learn a lot about how other people live and what happened back in time.




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