Pink Eiffel Tower Photography – Canvas Print

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The Pont d’Lena bridge, inspired by Napoleon Bonaparte, the first Emperor of France, who wanted a bridge spanning the Seine river that would link the Champs de Mars to the Trocadero gardens, offers an eye-catching glimpse of the Eiffel tower, the epitome of Parisian architecture.

The stone emblems of Paris offer striking images and are surely art themselves but nothing quite shades the stature of la tour Eiffel, a photogenic icon of France. Paris wall decor depicting the Eiffel tower has an eye-catching stance, as this monolith of steel and rivets has outlived world wars and invasions plus it was only supposed to stand, originally for 20 years.

Placing a canvas print of a pink, Eiffel tower, on the wall will create a visual, focal point and start the conversation with friends, family who have seen this image in reality, on a trip to Paris.