New Stemless Glasses Decorated With Gold, Paris Themed Images

Paris themed stemless glasses

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Lots of folks in love fly off to Paris and get wed then return to celebrate with friends and family. If the happy couple are besotted with the city of light why not add to a perfect memory with a gift of stemless wine glasses showcasing their favorite location on earth.

The glasses are super clear with a classy bowl-shape, and gold, Paris themed designs of the Arc de Triomphe and Eiffel Tower monuments. These sterling structures are visited daily by fans who can’t get enough of their awesome architecture. One is made of stone and took 30 years to complete while the Iron Lady was finished in two years two months and 5 days.

They were in a huge hurry to get the Eiffel Tower erected as this was the star attraction for the 1889 Parisian world fair. Of course, La Tour Eiffel stole the show and has been setting the world alight for well over a century.

It‘s fair to say the Eiffel Tower has become a legendary figure and liked by evolving generations who see the monument as a statement of French bravado. Gustave Eiffel was determined to win over the critics who had nothing nice to say about his invention when the first floor began to rise. The height dominance and peculiar look were revolutionary eventually winning the most adamant of adversaries.

Paris people appear to have the knack for monuments that shine and it’s a shame Napoleon Bonaparte didn’t get to see his grand vision for the Arc de Triomphe as he was sent in exile to St Helena Island.

If you are done with stemmed wine glasses that easily break this set of Paris themed stemless glassware will survive the fun party at your house while being a wonderful gesture for the happy couple just married in Paris. France.

Each glass measures 3.1″ 2″ x 4.9″ and holds 18.9 ounces. You can get a drink and feel comfortable knowing they won’t slip out of your hand or be bumped off the table when you put your glass down. They also make great Paris kitchen gifts and a compelling look at the bar or wine cabinet.

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