Amazing – Black Eiffel Tower Statue, Decor Gift

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The Eiffel Tower is a popular icon and honored citizen of Paris, France where people from all over come to see and explore this unique monument.

Statues made in the likeness of la tour Eiffel are not only great gifts but a souvenir to treasure. You are likely to see statues in black, gold, white or pink featured in the homes of Paris fans.

In general these statues look very much like the original, which is also made of metal and can be embellished with rhinestones for a sparkling effect. Eiffel tower statues are often used on reception tables at a chic, Paris themed wedding or on top of the wedding cake. Eiffel tower decor transforms parties, rooms into a touch of Paris and is a beautiful reminder of a romantic visit to the city of light where the magic of amour brings couples from everywhere, to get wed in this starry French capitol.

Vintage – Eiffel Tower Design Throw Pillow

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Paris room themes are still a popular, decor design and throw pillows featuring Eiffel tower imagery, a simple way to update a sofa or add the mystique of this city, to a girls, Paris themed bedroom.

Paris exudes a vintage vibe with its street cafe’s, monuments and fashion conscious residents. The French way of life has an irresistible charm that sees many of us adding a souvenir of this palatial city or finding gifts for like minded friends who love Paris.

Cushion covers allow you to change out your sofa look more often and potentially use the inserts from the cushions you have. Most pillow covers are machine washable. A stylish Paris decor theme adds elegance, glamour to any room and Paris themed throw pillows are a simple way to put this popular, European city on show.

Trendy – Eiffel Tower Jewelry For Wedding, Birthday Gifts

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 It’s not just the Eiffel Tower looks of the pieces you choose that matter—there are so many types of metals, settings, and gems that come into play as well! Whether you prefer yellow gold, copper, or silver, there’s a charm, bracelet, or bejeweled headband out there to satisfy your Eiffel tower love. What’s great about Eiffel tower jewelry is that no matter what your budget, you can find something that is truly breathtaking. From chunky costume jewelry straight out of the 1920’s to dazzling and modern sparkling engagement rings, the Parisian style is as versatile and wide as ever, and always offers a little something for each and every one of us.

Personalized, Eiffel Tower Jewelry For Any Occasion

Parisian jewelry is a fabulous fashion statement that can be worn in all sorts of ways, no matter what age you are or what your personal style looks like. There is a broad range of options—much like Paris itself—and you can even put a themed spin on your Parisian pieces. Eiffel tower jewelry is a particularly beloved choice when it comes to incorporating beautiful Paris baubles into your wardrobe, or as gifts for the bridesmaids at your “dream come true” Paris themed wedding. From watches to earrings to old-fashioned pins or broaches, Eiffel Tower trinkets can transform any outfit into something magical, all the while mirroring your personal taste and mood.