I wonder what time it is Paris you might be thinking when this beautiful wall clock takes it's place on your kitchen/bedroom wall where you will be able to eye up the intriguing Eiffel Tower---perhaps you've seen on a memorable trip to the city of...

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What better way to show your appreciation for the stylish city of Paris with a colorful lunch bag featuring cute, clever illustrations of the Eiffel tower, Moulin Rouge (red windmill), antique street lights---the French flag plus delicious sweet...

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Stacked boxes in your favorite Paris theme are a great display choice, providing ample storage for jewelry, makeup, scarves, stationary in any part of the home as four of the beautifully decorative boxes feature a vintage theme Eiffel tower,...

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 It's Party Time In Paris! Les jardins du Trocadero, is one of the best places to see the Eiffel tower light up in a display of glittering gold as night falls over the magical city of Paris, France making an enlarged photo shot of this...

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If you are looking to compliment a casual outfit or fabulous evening attire with all the elegance, chic that the city of Paris represents, you'll find a snazzy scarf like this beautiful, white with charcoal colored, Paris postcard, Eiffel tower...

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Lets take the highly fashionable city of light wherever we go, with this stylish shoulder handbag decorated with the Eiffel tower, Arc de Triomphe monuments, French vintage car, bicycles, sunglasses in the colors of the French flag, red, white and...

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Visiting Paris in the fall means less crowds and waiting time to see some of the most stunning sights, monuments on the planet like the medieval Notre Dame cathedral, Louvre museum and infamous Eiffel Tower pictured here on this gorgeous Paris...

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This superbly illustrated set of (2) Paris themed cushion covers, will be a beautiful addition to your sofa capturing the fairy-tale feeling of this romantic city with a picturesque tribute to the Arc de Triomphe, a Roman style triumphal arch...

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Kids, teens are falling under the spell of a European city called Paris where amazing monuments, some thousands of years old stand as a tribute to an incredible history involving French royals, who lived in a beautiful Chateau, palace and...

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