Pink Eiffel Tower Photography – Canvas Print

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The Pont d’Lena bridge, inspired by Napoleon Bonaparte, the first Emperor of France, who wanted a bridge spanning the Seine river that would link the Champs de Mars to the Trocadero gardens, offers an eye-catching glimpse of the Eiffel tower, the epitome of Parisian architecture.

The stone emblems of Paris offer striking images and are surely art themselves but nothing quite shades the stature of la tour Eiffel, a photogenic icon of France. Paris wall decor depicting the Eiffel tower has an eye-catching stance, as this monolith of steel and rivets has outlived world wars and invasions plus it was only supposed to stand, originally for 20 years.

Placing a canvas print of a pink, Eiffel tower, on the wall will create a visual, focal point and start the conversation with friends, family who have seen this image in reality, on a trip to Paris.

Let’s Celebrate With A Paris Party Theme

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An adulation for all things Parisian can be displayed in a ton of different ways—not just through home or wearable accessory décor. Did you know that you can throw all sorts of different events and parties with a fabulous Paris theme? From birthday parties to anniversaries to weddings and graduation, there are limitless possibilities when it comes to snazzying up any event with Parisian party theme décor.


f you’re throwing a more casual event, such as a birthday or bridal shower party, there are about a million different and fun ways to spice up the event space. Glittery Eiffel Tower garland spiraling down from the ceiling and big, floating balloons spelling out “PARIS” and “J’ADORE!” are flirty decorations that truly liven up any space! Bling out your tablecloths and party signage with dazzling rhinestones and illuminate the room with sweet fairy lighting. Fleur de lis printed napkins, plates, and cups look amazing with all fantastic party fares, too. Awesome favors for guests can blend seamlessly with the Paris party theme as well, so opt for little boxes of fancy macaroons or Eiffel tower key chains.

For fancier affairs, think past just the iconic imagery that we have come to know and love as Paris. Fabrics and colors are equally as important as those images when decorating for weddings or large banquet parties, even. Paris themed table runners, crisp white settings or china serving ware, and lavish deep purple, velvet chair overlays are all exquisite ways to dress up an event in true Parisian style. Stark black and whites with French script details in messages of love and sweet hues of romantic reds and pinks are all bold and thematic colors that make any party pop. And don’t forget scents as well! Aromas of freshly pressed coffee or subtle cinnamon floating through the air can make your guests feel as though they just stepped onto the historical cobblestone streets of Paris and are heading towards a beautiful French café.

Of course, you simply cannot forget to incorporate the delightful shiny French accessories as well. Think gleaming silver candlesticks and pearlescent vases for centerpieces. Create backdrops of a mock “Love Lock Bridge” with sparkling locks for guests to sign or somehow get interactive with. Use silhouettes of the Arch de Triomphe for guests to walk under or through doorways and be mindful that you honestly can never have enough Eiffel Tower décor all over the event space; whether that be wall silhouettes, favors, food, or actual replica statuettes!

Regardless of if you are throwing a laid-back party or a huge shin-dig, a Paris party theme is the perfect motif for any celebration you could possibly think up!








Practical And Pretty – Paris Kitchen Decor Gifts

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Parisian design inspiration can transform rooms in your home into spaces that feel just like the iconic City of Lights itself. Paris kitchen decor specifically is one of the best examples of this, and there are so many options when decorating. Perhaps that’s also why Parisian themed kitchen décor makes for perfect gifts for friends, family, and loved ones. No matter what scheme is already at play in a kitchen’s design, pieces of Paris blend with just about everything exquisitely.

From window curtains to wall clocks, you can find so many beautiful Paris decorations for the kitchen that can also serve as great gift ideas. Wine glasses with Eiffel Tower etchings and seasonal tablecloths with old Parisian stamp images are classic and gorgeous. An artwork piece of the city in canvas and hand towels with Eiffel tower emblems are both gifts that can be catered to every personality and any style. Aprons with sewing work of Parisian cafes and coasters with different snapshots of the breathtaking French city are equally as fabulous to give to someone to brighten up their own kitchen in their home.


Watch your guests reaction when they see the stylish Paris, Eiffel tower table cloth you have chosen as a backdrop to a Paris themed birthday or special occasion with champagne glasses and candles in the shape of the revered Parisian tower plus Eiffel tower salt and pepper shakers showcasing a lovely, Paris vintage appeal!


If you are creating a kitchen with a sophisticated Paris theme, its easy to find items that inspire an ooh la la atmosphere. Whether you opt for bigger, bolder pieces like an Eiffel tower wine rack, coffee pod to highlight your theme, or a smaller, more subtle accent such as coffee mugs, kitchen décor that looks like it came right out of Paris is a sure way to bring a smile to all who pop by to experience the inviting ambiance of your charming Parisian cafe!

Exciting – Eiffel Tower Decor Gifts

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Eiffel Tower décor is a popular design scheme in the home, as it offers a magical and worldly look to any space. But you don’t have to limit this theme to your own home—Eiffel Tower décor makes for great gifts for any occasion and for any personality. From subtle accents to bold furniture pieces, Eiffel Tower looks merge seamlessly in any room.

Eiffel Tower, Paris Presents

Whether you’re shopping for gifts for birthdays, Christmas, or a bridal or baby shower, Eiffel Tower decorations are just the thing to put a smile on the receiver’s face. Canvas artwork, wall clocks, or curtain panels offer a gorgeous addition to an office or living room. Decorative throw pillows with beautiful Eiffel Tower detailing, lace overlays, and silky pillow shams make for gorgeous accents in a bedroom. Eiffel Tower presents don’t have to just be about décor items, either. For instance, an amazing gift for a baby shower are specialty Eiffel Tower artwork baby bibs or bracelet charms for the mother-to-be. Other functional items that can be gifted in the spirit of any occasion are Eiffel Tower wine cork holders, jewelry stands, or even statues.

Eiffel Tower Party Ideas

But Eiffel Tower gifts don’t have to be something just for the home. These gifts can also be used as decoration for wedding or event venues, transforming any space for any special occasion. Wine glass charms, tablecloths, fans, favors, and any sort of stand up prop all serve as fantastic and unique gifts that can be used to add vibrancy to an event space. Candle holders, serving-ware, or chic storage containers are more wonderful Eiffel Tower gifts for the person who loves to throw a party or play host.

The Eiffel Tower Is A Versatile Motif

For the creative friend, why not opt for something extraordinary as a 3D Eiffel Tower puzzle, or a glittering gold statue of the Paris monument? These sorts of gifts are just as one of a kind as they are useful, and there is a special personal touch about them as well. For the all-around Paris lover, don’t forget about wearable Eiffel Tower décor gifts, too. Infinity scarves, hats, and aprons are beloved and popular gifts that your friends can use for years to come to show off their love of all things City of Lights.

Just as the remarkable city of Paris itself, Eiffel Tower themed gifts truly capture the most magical part of every type of personality.