Who would have thought the Eiffel Tower a pinnacle of grand architecture would make such a stunning wine rack! If you are a connoisseur of French wines or just love the look then, this Paris inspired wine rack will look the part on your counter...

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~Cafe de Paris~ Create a little of the bustling Paris, France cafe in your kitchen with an Eiffel Tower rack, equipped to hold individual coffee machine pods, ready to brew your favorite cup of Café au lait! This could be the perfect gift for...

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The photographer has captured the true essence of the Eiffel Tower as it stands like a beacon over Paris at dusk.. A captivating shot and one that will excite admirers of this fair city who would like a piece of this grand tower on their...

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~Millesime elegant~ How eloquently the French describe this classy vintage wall clock with a rustic Paris theme.. Predominantly black and white with an aged patina effect this desirable vintage gem, gives the look of a reliable timekeeper, that...

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~Ville de Paris~ if your heart belongs to the romantic city of Paris, take the time to view this magical imagery of Parisian life, perhaps a century ago, with the grand, Eiffel Tower draped in the clouds like a sentinel, standing guard over a land...

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~Fabuleuse Coco Chanel~ Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel was a fabulous French designer who began her rise to fame in the early 1900's when she opened her first clothing store in Paris's Rue Cambo and from there created the Chanel brand that today lives on...

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