Romance In London, Paris Wall Art, Canvas Prints

Eiffel Tower, Big Ben romantic wall decor

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The romance of Paris, France and London, England is brought to life and immortalized on memorable wall art in red, black and white.

Mix and matching Paris themed wall art with images of the Eiffel Tower and lavish London monuments adds a magical point of interest to a contemporary home especially if the occupants have a fascination for the look and history of these European landmarks

The set of three, ready to hang canvas prints feature the Elizabeth Tower re-named after the residing Queen of England back in 2012. Most know the tower as Big Ben and the mammoth clock that started ticking in May 1859. The style is Neo-Gothic an architectural look you can’t miss on the edge of the River Thames. When you think Big Ben is around 160 years old it’s pretty amazing how good its timekeeping is. London listens to chimes every 15 minutes while the clanging of the bell in the tower has been heard up to nine miles in the distance when it sounds on the hour. The Big Ben, London legend gets the cameras flashing as does another tower across the English Channel called La Tour Eiffel

This slim, stylish Parisian was built in 1889 a few years after Big Ben but made a similar impact on the tourist horizon in her homeland of France. The creators of the Eiffel Tower probably had no idea how important and famous their creation would turn out to be and like artists wanting to create something new took a gamble on its architectural design. With around 7-million visitors a year coming to the field where this immensely liked structure stands you could easily see the gamble to construct a metal tower in a landscape of stone monuments, paid off.

The pride of Paris is a trendy, decor motif appearing on this eye-catching wall art with a great photographic shot of the tower peeking through rows of Haussmann apartments. They were built originally for the aristocrats of Paris when the third Emperor of France hired this visionary man to redesign Paris and make it a spectacle of beauty

St Paul’s Cathedral in London takes the stage on one of these captivating prints as the venue where Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer exchanged vows in 1881. The cathedral has survived three centuries to become a prominent landmark with a magnificent statue of Queen Anne who was famous for unifying England and Scotland causing a name change from England to Great Britain.

Each print measures 16″ x 12″ with an option to order in 16″ x 24.” All prints are placed onto wooden bars with the imagery showing on all sides for a maximum visual effect. These timeless prints with a loving couple exploring the monumental sights of Europe are a caring Paris themed gift with reviews you can take a little time to read and decide if they are perfect for gifting or hanging on your wall.

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