Set The Right Paris Party Mood With An Eiffel Tower Backdrop

A memorable Paris themed party or wedding reception requires decorations to create a feeling reminiscent of this timeless French matriarch.

Balloons, streamers, and Eiffel tower statues inspire its magnificence while a massive backdrop of the famous tower will enhance a space putting guests right there in the moment as La Tour Eiffel makes an entrance through a haze of pink cherry blossoms that burst into life throughout spring.

Ideal for a photo shoot or Parisian party this Eiffel tower backdrop measures a grand 7 feet x 5 feet and features a vinyl, polyester fabric that deflects the light and can be cleaned easily with a slightly dampened cloth.

This could be the perfection you seek to replicate the romantic, magical ambiance of Paris a descriptive European arena of cathedrals, monuments, and drama. The French capital showcases its ambition through the years as royals and revolutionaries founded legacies with insanely beautiful palaces, triumphant arches and elaborate opera houses where legends of phantoms were told

Paris is an architectural dig with artifacts crafted in stone and one lone wolf tower that set history alight with her glistening metal bodice and height that reached for the stars. 1889 was a good year for Paris as the Eiffel Tower was born. Not everyone was convinced this newbie was the right fit but Mademoiselle Eiffel proved them wrong and is now a celebrated citizen of France.

This well-designed Eiffel Tower scenery will set the mood and take partygoers to Paris while providing an idyllic background for photos.

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