Smarten The Sofa With A Beige, Paris Cushion Cover

Paris themed pillow cover

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If you’re living room color pallete is a mix of brown and beige this Paris themed cushion cover could be a sparkling addition.

The design is instantly appealing with the Eiffel Tower and French script offering a pleasing accent and you could re-use the inners if they measure 18″ x 18.” The material may not be the softest to touch but its the real deal made of 100% cotton/linen renowned for being durable and holding its own against rugged use.

That might be the case if it finds the way to the kid’s room where the city of Paris is high on the list of places to visit. Far away countries hold a fascination for youngsters especially if they are packed with historic buildings the way most of France is.

Some folks are labeling Paris as a museum nation with so many jaw-dropping monuments on show. Checking out each individual and awesome structure gives a timeline of the cities birth and all that happened in between.

The kings that ruled France were nifty at building stately palaces and the Chateau de Versailles is a grand statement of how well a succession of them lived. Europe was a mish-mash of countries with a lot of jostling for territorial rights which kept France pretty busy during the era of monarchs and revolution. Each played a part in producing spectacular buildings, churches, and bridges with Napoleon Bonaparte putting his hand up to reinvent the entire city.

When you place a few of these throw pillows on the couch or chairs you are not only presenting beautiful imagery to enhance your decor mood but manifesting a city with more mystique than the pyramids of Egypt. It is said the oldest monument in Paris is an ancient, Egyptian obelisk with a murky rendition of how it got there either by way of the Roman Empire or as a gift to an earlier French King..

Paris is an architects resort and city of fables and facts. Its romantic veil has attracted decor fans who love Paris themed accessories to stylize their home.

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